Dual Citizenship

If you are of Italian ancestry, have lost your citizenship due to naturalization, or are married to an Italian citizen, you may be eligible for Italian dual citizenship. If you have ever wondered about becoming an Italian citizen, these guidelines and our questionnaire will help you decide if dual citizenship is right for you and your family.


Italian Citizenship by Descent (Jure Sanguinis)


According to Italian law, under specific conditions, you may be entitled to Italian citizenship if your Italian ancestors maintained an uninterrupted line of citizenship leading to your generation. If you were born in the United States or in another country which granted you its citizenship at birth “jure soli” (by law of the soil), you may claim Italian citizenship “jure sanguinis” (by law of the bloodline) if you are able to provide the necessary documentation and meet the other Italian citizenship requirements.

Italian Citizenship by Marriage (Jure Matrimonii)

It is also possible to obtain dual citizenship by marriage. Since April 27, 1983, the foreign spouse of an Italian citizen may request to acquire Italian citizenship after two years of marriage if residing in Italy, and after three years if residing abroad. Necessary documentation will include a marriage certificate, criminal background clearance, and standard proof of residency documents.

Italian Citizenship Law N. 124 of March 8, 2006

People who were Italian citizens residing in Istria, Fiume, and Dalmazia as of September 15, 1947, may apply for recognition of their Italian dual citizenship. Documentation must be gathered to meet the Italian dual citizenship requirements, including residency as of June 10, 1940, as well as citizenship status as of September 15, 1947.

Recent Immigration & Security Law Changes

 There have been some changes to the Italian citizenship requirements under the recent Immigration and Security Law. 


  • In some cases, applicants may need to show a basic knowledge of the Italian language (level B1 of the CEFRL). 
  • The maximum processing time has been extended from 24 months to 48 months. 
  • Town Halls and Administrative offices in Italy have six months to issue the vital records that will be needed to submit citizenship applications.
  • The fee was increased by 50 Euros.

Italian Citizenship Assistance Is Available Here

The eligibility guidelines and process may seem daunting, but we at the Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program will show you how to become an Italian citizen and determine if you are eligible. The first step is our simple questionnaire to see if you are likely to qualify for Italian dual citizenship. Try it now! 

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