English to Italian Translation Services

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  To be considered valid in Italy, the documents issued by foreign authorities must be legalized by the Italian diplomatic-consular representations abroad. These documents, with the exception of those authored using plurilingual models per international conventions, must also be translated into Italian.

The Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program helps individuals like you translate these important documents so that they can travel, work, and live freely in Italy. If you plan on acquiring Italian citizenship (dual or otherwise), you’ll absolutely need to have your important personal records and documents translated into Italian so that they can be legalized and you can move forward. If you are unable to translate them yourself, our fluent, experienced translators are happy to take on the task. 

Some translation services value speed over quality, cutting corners by over-simplifying information or using disjointed, awkward language. We offer a great turnaround time as well, but we always strive to provide high-quality, certified translations that meet all requirements and are easy to read and understand.

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We Meet Apostille Requirements

  U.S. documents and/or certificates must be legalized with what is known as an Apostille (The Hague Convention of 10.5.1961) in order for them to be valid in Italy. This is a special type of certification that verifies that a document is authentic and government-issued.The Apostille for a documentis issued by the Secretary of State in the country of the document’s origin. 

Apostille certification does not replace the need for translation. The documents and/or certificates must still be translated into Italian and authenticated by an Italian Consular Officer to be certified and considered valid. All translated documents from the Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program meet the standards and requirements necessary for this validation.

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 Types of Records We Can Translate

Our translators are capable of producing Italian-language documents from a wide variety of document types. The following are examples of common types of records we can translate for you.

Naturalization Records

Naturalization records are the documents that show you were previously naturalized as an American citizen. You’ll need to provide these to acquire dual citizenship, and they may come into play when applying to reacquire previous Italian citizenship.

Vital Records 

These are key personal records that are issued and/or kept by the U.S. government. Common examples include things like marriage certificates and birth certificates.

Medical Records 

Proof of vaccination history, records regarding any communicable diseases, or other major health concerns need to be provided. 

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Accurate, Confidential Medical Translations

  When it comes to health information, nothing is more important than clear, accurate communication. If a medical record is simplified too much or a figure is copied incorrectly during translation, providers in Italy may be left working from inaccurate or incomplete data. 

Our specialized, certified translators are particularly skilled in the medical translation field. When we translate your medical records, we make sure that every detail is accurate and no information is lost in the process. We also understand the sensitive nature of personal records, especially with regard to health. Our staff is held to the highest standards of confidentiality and will never take liberties with your information. 

If you travel, if you require a medical second opinion, or if you simply want your medical records to be translated for documentation, don't hesitate to contact us. At an affordable rate of just $60 per page, we make translation accessible to even the most budget-conscious clients.


Inquire About Our Professional Italian Translations

 Do you have documents, vital records, or other information to be translated? Call us today at (305) 812-5512 to discuss how we can help. In addition to translation, we can help you make sure you have all the records you need for a successful citizenship application.